Video Games.

Amazing. Haunting. Sexy. Beautiful.


Every Minnesota Lake.

Designer Nicole Meyer has taken it upon herself to give a facelift to the branding of her motherland's 10,000 lakes. One lake. One logo. Every day. Totally inspiring. x


I was just fortunate enough to stumble upon Falcon Enamelware and I'm thanking my lucky houseware stars. Not only branded and packaged impeccably (a la Morse Studio), the product itself has that crisp/clean-meets-rustic/earthy thing that only the English can really swing authentically. Radradrad. x


Kilian Martin

Just a little wake-me-up on this Monday morning to help us all ease into the day... soulful, prolific, badass Kilian Martin skates better than he walks. Kilian and director Brett Novak are a match made in skate heaven. Sip your coffee, get amped and have a rad day. x


Foodie Porn.

Here's to a very talented food-and-photography-obsessed Australian named Chantelle Grady who has launched her own little slice of heaven: A Little Relish magazine. I want to live in these pages and never come out. Big hopes that this one takes off and she continues to share her delicious point of view with the world. x


The Lost Type Foundry.

Hello Lost Type. You are awesome. The first and only type foundry created by designers, for designers - selling gorgeous, stylistic and meticulously-made typefaces on a sliding scale depending on your level of comfort. 100% of the 'donated' profits go back to the designers who created the fonts. Pretty outstanding if you ask this girl. x


A.P.C. Fall.

 Lovelovelove A.P.C.'s site re-design and Fall assortment. The concept and color layouts are brilliant. Their graphics are simple yet somehow a little irreverent. And check out their Special Projects page for some of their rad collabs. x


Christina K.

Insane. Ethereal. Fresh. A splash of haunting. Fashion. This is Christina K.



Just some various amazing little wares and vessels that typically contain things of hot deliciousness and comfort. x

Oz Is Where It's At.

I'm currently having a sweet sweet love affair with Australia - particularly with all the lovely adornments and general lifestyle inspiration coming from that little island. Meet Melbourne native Seb Brown and her super-rad, hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry collection. x