See You Later Alligator.

A little homage and bon voyage to my current (only til tomorrow) and wonderful employer Aritzia.
Big BIG congrats to the whole gang on the opening of the magnificent Soho flagship (pictured above). The little Vancouver brand that could kills it again. I will miss you all dearly. Call me when you come to LA. x

Kisskiss Madewell.

I love you Madewell. You make me glad. x



These driftwood hearts from Heartblack might be the sweetest cot-damn things I've ever seen.

Morning Calm.

Morning Calm's amazing little soaps. I want every single one. And I never want to use any of them. (And isn't the color so dead-on?) x

Jock Shots x Warhol




John & Tatum

Polaroids of pro athletes shot by Warhol that were commissioned by a collector in the late 70s. Kind of amazing. x


Panda Bear: Surfers Hymn

So excited to get back to the ocean.


Going Nowhere.

Geof Crowl. Jason Krieger. Xande Macedo. Morgan Knutson. Brekk Bockrath.

Art Kills_Part 1.

Matt W Moore

Matt W Moore
Beth Hoeckel
Literary color wheel
Malene Landgreen
Malene Landgreen
Maya Hayuk
Maya Hayuk
Maya Hayuk
Stephen Powers (ESPO)
Color color color. And such odd juxtapositions of it too. Beauty.

Totes Magotes.

Hello amazing leather totes! Jill of Scabby Robot hand crafts these effortless beauties with her own nimble fingers. I want one in every color, but I went with cedar leather for its classic amazingness. Superstoked. x